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Artist’s Statement


I was born in Colombia to a large family of engineers, doctors, financiers, teachers and lawyers. And yet, I was born an artist, an artist who became an engineer and a banker, an artist who moved to Canada, an artist who came to realize a few years into her professional life she could not fight the urge to create art. 

And so, my heart went where it felt it belonged. I traded excel models and a successful career in finance for paint tubes, enamel jars and sable brushes. Now I make my contribution to the world by painting the magic of my own reality.    


Influenced by paradoxical compositions, my work weaves threads of fantasy into common daily life settings. With it, I aim to impact society by bringing magical elements into the mundane while exploring social, political and emotional issues.

My pieces are colourful, bold and unapologetically heart-warming. I use large surfaces to incorporate vernacular designs in modern settings. The result is texturized aesthetic “glitches” that aim to connect viewers at an emotional level.           

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